I’m Adrian Gilpin, a Human Behaviour specialist and founder of the Institute of Human Development.

For over two decades I have studied with many of the leading minds in human development, and have been sharing ideas and methodologies with leaders & their teams in organisations around the world.

I spend much of my time seeking to distil what I learn into simple, straight forward ideas to help individuals, teams and organisations unlock their full potential. For individuals, this can be life changing. For organisations, it will lead to considerable shifts in turnover and profit.


On this page you will find a summary of my current activities and projects. Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you would like to discuss how I could help your organisation prosper.

I founded the IHD in 1994 to research the very best work being done in personal development, coaching, facilitation and leadership.

More about IHD

The Institute of Human Development

Over the years I am proud that we have built a reputation for working at the leadership edge of “people change” in organisations.

IHD partners include IBM

For twenty years and more we have worked for many clients including multinationals such as IBM, all three British Armed Forces, entrepreneurial organisations such as Bookham Technology, social enterprises such as DNA, universities such as The University of Nottingham, schools and local communities. What each and every one of our clients has in common is an urgent need to change and the tools needed to help their people face change fearlessly and passionately.

Aiding thousands of leaders, managers and employees

In the past five years we have made a huge strategic shift from our foundations as a boutique selling day-rate consultancy and coaching, to being a web enabled learning provider supporting the development of tens of thousands of leaders, managers and employees all around the world through our social learning platform Pathfinder Online.

More about IHD

Pathfinder is a unique blend of content and guided processes, enabling line managers to inspire and facilitate rapid shifts of mindset across a whole organisation.

Official Pathfinder website


Pathfinder was born out of a series of ideas and methodologies that have evolved into a breakthrough programme, helping many large organisations inspire and enable their people to face change fearlessly.

Enabled and facilitated by your own people instead of external consultants and trainers, Pathfinder shifts the language and behaviour of your people from I can’t to I can in a breathtakingly short timeframe.


“It was, and remains, one of the highest impact leadership initiatives I have seen. We made pitches we would not have made previously, won business we would have lost, built relationships we would not have built.”

— Christine Wyatt, General Manager IBM Global Business Services UK

Unprecedented Change

Organisations like IBM have experienced unprecedented change and return on investment through Pathfinder and – if you are a senior leader in a large organisation - I would be delighted to spend some time with you to show you how and why it works.

Visit the official Pathfinder website

The story of my own route into the world of personal development and discovering the pathway to living an inspired life.


My own route into the world of personal development, leadership and change was triggered by a series of personal disasters that brought me to the edge of my ability to cope.

As always, when the student is ready, the teachers appear. I found myself on a long and deeply transformational adventure: meeting great teachers, inspirational guides and phenomenal coaches to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude.

My transformation

By guiding me through change that I had to face, I gained an intimate knowledge of the processes required to make deep, lifelong changes in my own life. My own experiences help to make our work at IHD authentic, thorough and grounded. Unstoppable is my story of those days of change.

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“To experience Adrian address an audience is to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride to places most people dare not visit in the business world. He has a remarkable talent for making what really matters vividly obvious and powerfully urgent.”

— Paul Crittenden, Schools Advisory Service


“Adrian is quite simply an inspirational communicator. The combination of his intellectual gravitas and unique stage presence ensured one of the most positive feedback ratings in recent years from our audience of corporate leaders and senior decision-makers.”

— Bob Mackenzie, Benchmark for Business

Inspiring Delivery

I seek to bring a high level of energy and inspiration to business and corporate events, and will work hard to weave your key strategic messages together with my own ideas for helping people face change fearlessly.

Inspirational Topics

Over the years my presentations have had many titles: Facing Change Fearlessly, Unstoppable People – Unstoppable Teams, Leading High Performance Teams, Leadership And The Art of Changing Minds.

To be honest – they tend to come down to a handful of absolute truths about human beings:

  • ONE

    People are better than they think they are.

  • TWO

    Our inhibitions hold us back, no matter of our brilliance.


    When we make the shift from I can’t to I can, extraordinary things begin to happen.


If any of these thoughts resonate with you – please reach out and contact me now. I would be delighted to speak at your event or conference.